About Us




Passport Heavy is more than just a travel media brand. We see travel as not just a means in which we can showcase beautiful destinations, but as the vehicle in which we tell powerful, compelling and culturally relevant stories that help our audience better understand the world. Our ethos has always revolved around shifting the paradigm on how we see and engage with the world, as well as being a lens in which our audience can receive a new perspective and make informed decisions as to how they choose to engage with the world.

Our Mission

To craft new narratives around the world that are focused on the intersection of travel and black culture.

Our Story

Our exclusive Passport Heavy merchandise is an extension of our ever-growing commitment to mobilise a community of cultured travelers who seek to better understand the world in which they live. It is an embodiment of our values as a brand, the future we envision and strive for as global citizens, and is powered by a relentless desire for inspire unity through knowledge and education.

We wanted to create products that not only unite the travel community, but products that help people unlock their potential, reinvent themselves and help them form their own path in this world. Our products have been meticulously designed and manufactured using the best quality materials, designed by our team of creatives and innovators. We aim to provide comfortable travel wear that not only embodies our beliefs as an brand, but one that pushes forward the culture of travel.

 Created in 2010 by Jubril Agoro, the Passport Heavy brand has grown from humble beginnings as a solo travel vlog, into a highly recognised media brand, and one of the most influential names in the travel content space. Having worked with the likes of the NBA, BAL, Airbnb, Visit Oakland and the NFL (just to name a few), our brand’s growth comes from a devotion to producing premium cinematic content, strategic market positioning and an ever-expanding social presence.